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Qichang Machinery is one of the professional Brake Drum manufacturers more than 10 years in China, we engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of brake drum, we are now supplying customers in more than 50 countries.
The brake drum is the frictional part of the drum brake. In addition to having the required strength and rigidity as a component, it should also have the highest possible and stable friction coefficient, as well as appropriate wear resistance, heat resistance, heat dissipation and heat capacity, etc.
The brake is a component used in the braking system to generate braking force that hinders the movement of the vehicle or the movement trend. Except for various retarding devices, automobile brakes are almost all friction brakes that use the friction between the working surface of a fixed element and a rotating element to generate a braking torque.
At present, the friction brakes widely used in various types of automobiles can be divided into two categories: drum type and disc type according to different rotating elements. The difference between them is: the rotating element in the friction pair of the drum brake is the brake drum, with its cylindrical inner surface as the working surface; the rotating element in the friction pair of the disc brake is a disc-shaped brake disc, which is both ends are working surfaces.

Brake drums made by Qichang are the perfect solution for rear axle applications. Qichang has over 100 items in its range of brake drums. These are produced from only the best-quality cast. The Qichang drum range also distinguishes itself through a wide coverage. Qichang brake drums stand for superlative quality, extraordinary performance, and durability.

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